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A Bride For The Whole Family (4)

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Part 4 A Bride For The Whole Family by James Elliott (c) 1991 Chapter 10 "What in the hell is going on here!" It was Michael's voice, her Michael's voice, that boomed through the pleasure glowing cloud of her satisfaction. Diana's body suddenly went rigid. With the same suddeness, Bryan's rigidly embedded cock went limp. In one second it was packed fully up her ass, still oozing the last traces of his release. Then in the next moment, it went limp and slithered from her body in a hasty withdrawal. The reaction would have been humorous under different circumstance. As it was, Dia… Read more

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the good dad next door

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He is a nice guy every one likes him, a good father too and seemed to go well with his wife mom and dad likes him and no one have a single clue , Joseph the next door , literally next door of my parents condo, turn me into his lil fag boy how worship his strong black cock I didnt see it coming until late night back from a party i went to the rooftop pool , its lock but i know my way around and like to chill smoking weed after school parties I was surprise someone was there close to 1am, when i realised it was joseph ''ho ididnt know someone was here'' ''no problem alex i am back from a jo… Read more

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A Bride For The Family (3)

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PART 3 A Bride For The Whole Family by James Elliott (c) 1991 Chapter 7 Diana rolled over in the bed. Her long, graceful arms reached out to hold her husband. But only found emptiness on his side of the bed. She pushed her sleep-laden eyes open and stared beside her. Michael's side had been slept in, but it was empty now. She quickly glanced around the room. Her husband was gone. "Hrmph!" she snorted out loud. "Not much of a way to treat your bride on the second night of your marriage!" Then she remembered the man in the passage and was grateful that her husband hadn't awakened he… Read more

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A Bride For The Whole Family (2)


Part 2 A Bride For The Whole Family by James Elliott (c) 1991 Chapter 4 "She's a very pretty girl, Michael," Lorraine said simply, as she maneuvered her stepson into the mansion's library. "Very attractive," Michael smiled, glancing at the older woman. "She's everything I'd hoped to find in a woman, attractive, intelligent and...." "And sexual ..." Lorraine's lips formed a coy, knowing smile and her blue eyes flashed with sudden amusement. Michael didn't answer, but moved away from his stepmother, his eyes darting around him, surveying the floor-to-ceiling shelves of books that… Read more

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A Bride For The Whole Family (1)


A Bride For The Whole Family by James Elliott (c) 1991 *** Chapter 1 Her naked body hissed between the sheets as she slid into bed. It was a luxurious feeling, like hotel sheets always are, cool, crisp and fresh, nearly crackling. She felt like purring as she snuggled down, allowing the soft comfort to ease the tension of the day's drive from her. Fresh from the shower, glowing with a pampered warmth, she rolled to the center of the king-size bed and languidly stretched. A satisfied smile danced across her full lips as she once more came alive. Carefully, she arranged the shoulder l… Read more

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BBC Adventures

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As many of you know I enjoy black cock and times put myself in some unique situations for a lady of my age and social standing. As a woman , black cock was not something that was done. Late in my 60s I took my first and now its most addicting. Many ask what I like the most I its the dynamic of virility and size coupled with hard use. I volunteer at a hospital and recently met a black MRI tech and he one day sat next to me in the cafeteria. After some small talk conversation he told me I looked like a woman on sex sites known as Aunt Sue. At first I said no but then conceded that it was me. He… Read more

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It had been about 20 years since I'd seen Ben. We'd hung out a lot at university, but after graduation went our separate ways. Ben had moved back to Manchester and I'd been roaming the North West and South East. When the e-mail popped up out of the blue I couldn't wait to meet up once again. In university Ben had always been a bit of a lady's man. His tall, athletic body, handsome face and the promise of a huge, black cock always lured the girls in. I can't say I'd minded, as with all the attention he got all the rest of us had to do was stand nearby and mop up the girls. I sat waiting in th… Read more

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A night on the town


When I text you before I arrive, I want you to wear a dress, with holdups and a lacy thong underneath. I pick you up in a taxi and we head out to dinner, the taxi driver smiles at you when you get in and you think he can see straight through your dress. You sit beside me in the back and I place my hand on your thigh. You can feel the heat from my fingers as I absentmindedly stroke your inner thigh, I didn’t notice the taxi driver looking at you. But, you did and you want to spread your legs so I can stroke higher up and deep down you want the driver to notice. Too soon, we get to the restauran… Read more

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Ayako 1 (english)

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My company had seen fit to transfer me for 3 months in Tokyo to a subcontractor. No volunteer having made themselves known, it was on me, last recruited, that the choice was made. My wife, who was very enthusiastic about spending a few days there, obviously offered to accompany me. The work on site being relatively cool, I had a lot of free time and my wife and I took the opportunity to visit the many districts of Tokyo. However after 15 days she decided to return to France. So I was left to myself ..... After a week, I started to be disillusioned: not easy to establish contact with the Japane… Read more

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Summer of 86’ Part IV

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Summer of 86’ Part IV That night we all stayed at Matt’s apartment, it was really large and in a nice part of San Diego. It only had one bedroom but it had a huge living room, Matt had a huge sectional sofa in it. Matt was gracious to offer me and Maggi his bedroom with his king bed, he even changed the sheets. Maggi and I showered and went to bed in our underwear. Maggi just wore panties, she had small tits (A Cups) and never slept with a bra, in fact the only reason she wore one all the time was to keep her nipples from poking out. Her nipples were awesome and she loved it when I sucked and… Read more

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Hayley's Realase pt 8


by inkubi© "Oh yeah, you like that?" Dan whispered, "you like it when I fuck you with my tip?" "Mm-hmm," Mom said with my cock in her mouth. "Maybe you need a few inches more," he said, and plunged two of his nine inches into her pussy. Mom let out a long, sexy whimper as she pumped and licked my shaft. "Oh God! I'm married!" she cried. "Then you should be able to take some more!" Dan said, as he pushed in two more inches. He rocked his hip faster against her. "No! No! Please stop!" Mom pleaded, "not in front of my son. I'll let you do anything tonight, but not in front of him, ple… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt 7


by inkubi© She hesitated. "Alright. But do it under my camisole. Don't remove it." That's better than nothing. I took soap in my hands and slipped them under her camisole. As my fingers slid over her mounds of tit-flesh, I heard her moan in Dan's mouth. I did the underboob, weighing her breasts, squeezing them from the bottom, then her sides, her cleavage, moving my hands in a circular motion to the top of her bosom, and let my fingers revolve around her nipples, spiralling closer and closer into them. Mom squirmed and her breath grew heavy. She moaned sexily as I touched her nipples, twis… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt6


by inkubi© It's bathtime! All characters are over the age of eighteen. Bit of watersports in the end, so 'Caution! Wet Floor.' The Day of Release When I woke up on my bed the next morning, Dan wasn't there. I got up, dressed myself, brushed, and came downstairs to find the mouth-watering aroma of bacon and eggs wafting through the air. I was greeted with the sight of Mom and Dan kissing in the kitchen, Dan's arms wrapped around her waist, his hands groping her ass. Mom was wearing a green T-shirt and tight black shorts, and the combination really accentuated her curves. "Good morning… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt5


by inkubi© "Come, baby, suck on Mommy's breasts," my mother cooed, holding my head and guiding me to her tits. They were supple, soft, but firm, with her little buttons on her small aureoles perked up. I took a nipple into my mouth, and touched another lightly with my fingers. Mom moaned with such desire that almost had my dick bursting out. "Yeah, feels good, doesn't it, Auntie? Your son sucking your tits?" Dan teased Mom. She giggled, but said nothing. I began to add my saliva to Dan's on my mother's juicy breasts. Meanwhile, Dan started making out with Mom. Suddenly, I heard Mom gasp an… Read more

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Transforming shy wife to a slut (1)


This is first time im writing my story ,im not an experienced writer and English is not my mother language, so im sorry for mistakes and poor English First of all I would like to tell you about myself. Im 38 years old, 1.90cm ,95 kg , well built and educated businessman. When I was at senior year of university I had the luck to meet a very kinky minded submissive cuckold couple .They and eventually their same minded friends became my mentors. I gain experiences at BDSM and became Dom bull to many couples and attended to many of their sex parties .Being very open minded at sexual manners ,event… Read more

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Hayley's Relese pt4


byinkubi© Dan has a surprise for John, and Hayley gets closer to Dan at night. All characters are over the age of eighteen. Slight waterplay, so beware. One Day from Release The next morning seemed like any other summer morning. We had waffles for breakfast, and Dan and I went out for a drive in Dad's car. We picked two of my friends and then smoked a blunt and shot the air. The we dropped them off and took the road home. While returning we saw Megan. "I'm not talking to you," she said, as I drove my car up to her, "your bitch of a mother called me a whore and kicked me out!" "Look,… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt3


"Dan?" she whispered, "are you awake?" My cousin turned and looked up, straining his eyes. "Wha- Aunt Hayley!" he croaked, having being just awoken, "yes I'm awake. What's up?" Mom was silent. Dan propped himself up with his arms and said, "sit, Auntie. What happened?" Mom sat on the side of the bed. "Dan," she began, "I'm really sorry-" Dan stopped her. "Auntie, you are like my mother, you can slap me if you feel I have overstepped my boundaries. I didn't mind at all. No need to apologize." "I am sorry nonetheless. You are grown now, I can't just hit you," she said. Dan smil… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt.2


Mom started soaping my dick. For some reason today, my devoted Catholic mother, who thought sex was sin, did not shy away from letting her fingers trail over her son's rigid cock. She moved her soapy fingers smoothly over my length. She said, "you guys always enjoyed my baths. Little devils you were, always splashing around. Not one day would I come out of the bath dry." "Yeah, I remember," I said. "Why should today be any different?" Dan said, as he pointed the handheld shower towards Mom, laughing. Mom yelped and fell towards me, and I caught her. "John, look what this naughty boy is… Read more

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Hayley's Release pt.1


All credit goes to incubi the Author . Three Days from Release. I am John, an eighteen year old college freshman in the Midwest, and this is my story. An incredible story of how my life changed completely thanks to my cousin Dan. It is so insane I still reel when I think about it, and to get this out of my system I have to write it down. It happened in the last week of summer before I would head off to my first year of college. I had been accepted to the same university my cousin Dan had been, and my parents were really proud of me. Dan was the only son of my mother's elder sister, Heath… Read more

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Donna's Three Sons


DONNA'S THREE SONS (by Eros) Chapter 1. On a hot June day in Los Angeles, Donna Mason looked out her living room window and watched the gardener mowing the front lawn of her house. He was naked to the waist, and he had a broad, hair-matted chest. The sight was turning Donna on like crazy. The guy was in his fifties, and he didn't even speak English. Donna knew she had to be pretty hard-up to get turned on by the gardener. He'd never attracted her before. But she'd been almost three months without a man, and it was beginning to get to her. She quickly drank down her vodka and tonic… Read more

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