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A very good view 3 :-P


It was a late morning before the lunch, we were in autumn and not did more much hot it was started the cold, but in the house ... and when you have the sister hottie :-P (but anyway a good girl :-P), at a certain point i hear the voice of my sister from inside her room that she talks to the cellular and i don't know of who it was or a friend or a bf or a lover :-P, anyway seemed me that she was talking with a bf (a bf lucky i had thinked in that moment :-P) :-P, and so she was herself preparing for to go out also because she was saying it :-P, at least from what i had understood :-P, and there… Read more

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Three generations in Lesser Plumpton

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"Oh bugger, your grandmother and aunt want to come to stay." Sylica commented to he daughter. Sylvia had always only just got on with her mother in law by an effort of will. Elspeth Mayow was always in appearance so prim and proper but Sylvia knew full well that she had Samantha’s father, at age fifteen out of wedlock. At least Sylvia herself had been married when Samantha arrived and it is possible if she was a couple of weeks early to have been conceived in wedlock. Anyway, Sylvia didn’t pretend she was good. Ok she didn’t pretend any more. What would Elspeth have thought seeing the fun las… Read more

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tire change law

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I needed my tire switch asap i forgot about the new date being 1st of december now and not 15 shit shit shit browsing the garage on google and after the 5th call i realized how i fuck it up no one could have me schedule kijijij was my last resort i had to get em switch i had work to attend i finally found a guy working from his house 30 min away, i finished word and drive asap to him he was huge , at least 6.3 big belly and strong black guy shaking my hand , mine so small and smooth in his bug rugged hand ''hey boy you were late for you switch dont you? good thing i had a custmer cancelle… Read more

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Ron & Sally, Craigslist Couple Part 2

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After our first meeting went so well and my meeting Alice through them we set up another meeting at a hotel that was half the distance from our respective homes. It had been a couple months since the first time, and Sally was very into our meeting again. Ron had now been fucking her ass regularly and their sex life was revived. Sally wanted her due this time and greeted me with a huge kiss and she had no bra under her shirt and soon after I found no panties under her jeans. After disrobing her and lying her on the bed, I told Ron to pour us some wine and I laid down and fingered Sally and aske… Read more

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Play Date

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What is it with men? I think everyone of them has a fantasy involving two women. My husband and I have talked about this subject many times. When I was younger, (in college) this one girl I met, Bonnie, latched on to me and we kissed and played with each other’s tits a few times. One time, when kissing, she put her hand on my crotch. It sent chills through my body. That’s all that ever happened. I never thought much of it, because like most young women, experimentation is part of growing up. I must admit, the thought of watching a woman play with herself does get me wet. I mistakenly told my h… Read more

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Wife Being Watched

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As stated previously, Jeannie loves to be watched. She loves her tits to be seen, and she loves being watched as she cums. By men, or women. It is great turn-on for men watching her to jerk off as they watch her. And I must say, she is very exciting to watch. Her tits are fantastic, and she cums loud and hard and many times. Especially using her Magic Wand, which is her favorite way to cum. On a weekend trip out of town, we spied a motel with cottages, one floor, each kind of secluded. We decided to stop there and stay the night, with some sexy things in mind. Our cottage was in the back, in… Read more

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Having the tables turned!

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When I first moved to Manchester I met quite a few guys who made out like they were interested but just wanted to fuck and then dump me.I finally met Steve on a gay dating app and we met up one evening in a lay by which was well known for dogging. I got there at the arranged time and parked up near to some other cars. I had my pink stockings and suspenders and tiny panties on under my tracksuit in case the Police were about. I felt disappointed when the man who was obviously Steve waddled over. His photo had been cropped to show his rugged face and short hair, but he was very overweight and I… Read more

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Hello, today rainy and with nothing to do, well I write this to accumulate all those things that I think and things that are happening and all those questions without answers that my head asks and sometimes has no answers or has many and He doesn't know which one is right and I thought that writing I might find some. First and foremost, what is life? According to my point of view, life is a mirror and what is behind the mirror or within it or as it is best understood, are souls in which we reflect, there is even good, but I wonder if those souls in the which do we reflect or see each other, ar… Read more

Posted by mercysexxx 2 hours ago 89

Sea of Memories

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Hello everybody, the following story happened when I was 14, I am now 29. Let me introduce myself as “Jack” for privacy issues. Since a very early age I’ve been very shy, specially around women. I did not penetrate a girl until I was 18, even though I don’t consider myself to be bad looking. Sometimes girls would hit on me when I was in high school but to be honest I was too shy to make any moves on them. I have been playing soccer since I was 8, I love the sport ant that helps me keep in shape. I still play it occasionally from time to time, though with my job it becomes difficult to find tim… Read more

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The Art of Womanhood


The third person I ever had sex with was my husband so you couldn’t call me promiscuous. I lost my virginity aged 18 during a drunken student party and I was not at all impressed with the whole sex thing. The second man came along two years later; he was my first long term love, well a few months anyway. Then there was Paul, we dated; we got engaged and eventually married. I didn’t know and didn’t care if our sex life was good or not, it was good enough for me. We had and still do have sex regularly and he brings me to completion more often than not, I was content. We were celebrating 10 years… Read more

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Be the happiest and not the most successful


It was January 1985 and I was your normal 15 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our family would always take trips up to the mountains to hunt & fish. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favorite lake. This year we didn't get to take our usual trip due to my dad's job. My mother could tell I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very close. She wakes me up and puts me to bed eve… Read more

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greedy girls night [ shirley comes home]

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Shirley arrived home about 11.30am that morning, i heard Brads car coming up the drive then it stopped away from the house across the lawn where they said their goodbyes, i went in to get some coffee for her, Brad was leaving as i went out onto the decking, she was walking across the lawn in just her skimpy top wit her skirt in her hand with a big smile on her face gave me a long lingering kiss gazing into my eyes saying she had a fantastic night & thanking me for allowing her but would tell me in detail later when we were alone, Hearing our voices Leslie & Martin came down & Lesli… Read more

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My black Daddy - Sean (second meeting)

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People have been asking for more posts about my hangouts with Sean. I’m happy to say that as of today, 12/4/2019, we’re still talking :) so look forward to hearing more about our times together. Last time I wrote about the first time we hung out and actually met in person. This time, I’ll talk about the 2nd time we hung out. Ok, so this time when I met up with Sean, I met him back at his apartment. He had a couple hours before his girlfriend got home, so we had time to play. I wore panties and stockings under my sweatpants. I remember parking in the middle of his complex and walking by a grou… Read more

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It was the very first night of my month long North Carolina July summer vacation stay when my Aunt Meg suddenly entered the bedroom that I was temporarily sharing with my younger cousin Rudy. Being so openly effeminine in his body language,voice and looks, I had already planted such dirty thoughts into my mind! Yes quite stimulating to me forbidden sexual thoughts about making my cousin Rudy become a secret faggot for me just like openly gay Joey Parker who lived right down the road from me back home. How wonderful and exciting I found it having Joey available to Suck me off nearly anytime I w… Read more

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The perfect maiden and the dream lord

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Alexandra wanted to study high finance in Fontenebleau, one of the best businees school of the world. She has a brother who had to take care. Because of it, in summer she was employed at the house of a few wealthy investors. She was nice and reliable, apart from beautyful and obliging. She was charmed with being nice with the people. Especially with the persons of major age which she was venerating. One day while it was cleaning a china´s cups and plates, Peter, his host proposed her to finance his studies. Only she had to be "nice" and to be present at the holidays that he was organizing w… Read more

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Thankfulness and Submission

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[For gt15go...for his many thoughtful comments, etc.] Duane smiled inwardly as Thomas, the older man from the church was now naked, bent over the edge of his bed, as he waited for Duane to impale his ass hole on his far bigger, and black cock! "Fuck me," Thomas said, looking over his shoulder as Duane walked up behind him, his much bigger, and black cock, swaying slightly from side-to-side. "PLEASE?!" At that Duane smiled even more broadly. Thomas was not the first older white guy in the area (Georgia) that he had fucked like that. In fact, it seemed to him that there was a surprising num… Read more

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Got Butt-Hole

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I was in college when this took place. I did my schooling from a town in the vicinity of New Delhi. And I moved to Delhi to pursue my graduation from Delhi University. I saw a lot of new faces with a lot of different personalities in my college. I belonged to a smaller town and Delhiites carried a different air around them. So initially I had a lot of struggle to make new friends. First year passed by learning new ways of life. And I had a dozen friends when I entered second year. I also became the vice president of the music society. I was incharge of the music fests of the colleges in Del… Read more

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Bears on Me

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My name is Raj. I was born in the US into a conservative Indian family. By the time I turned 18 in August of 2004, I had not yet had any sort of sexual experiences. I did find that quite a few girls had taken a liking to me, especially Indian girls, but the fear of getting kicked out of my house pretty much forced me to focus on school and keep away. I wasn't allowed to go to my high school prom, wasn't allowed to go to the mall, no sleepovers. Essentially, it was a pretty boring c***dhood and high school career. Interestingly, this all changed once it was time for college. There were no repu… Read more

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Daddy’s Girl 2: An Obedient Daughter

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This is a continuation of my previous story Daddy’s Girl 1: The Lunch. The ride from the restaurant was quite uneventful. Daddy was already in his 50’s and I thought he would not have enough stamina to keep up with the advances of a horny young teenager. Boy was I wrong. Although daddy seemed a bit flustered and shocked at the restaurant, it became quite evident that he was totally into me. I had my jacket on, and my skirt pulled down as much as I could.… Read more

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Daddy’s Girl 1: Lunch With Daddy


Ever since I was a little girl, daddy has always been my hero. I’ve always looked up to him for advice on pretty much everything. he has always been there for me, and as far as I can remember, has always been a good friend more than a father. He has had no qualms discussing about my various celebrity crushes or about the guy problems i’ve had in school and college. Naturally he was my hero. Someone who wouldn’t hurt me, and always trusted my instincts and r… Read more

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